Originally setting out to become an architect, Dian Selleck Wilson, owner of Selleck Architectural Sales, began working for an architectural firm in the office and on job sites shortly after graduating from school. From there, she went to work for a major insulation manufacturer who happened to have a contracting division. By then, Dian was hooked on the construction industry.

Her team recently completed the Little Ceasar’s headquarters in Detroit, where they provided the GRG columns and a unique GRG ceiling. When Dian Selleck Wilson started Selleck Architectural Sales over 25 years ago, her goal was to secure good product lines and build a successful company. She has achieved this goal and still has many of the same products she started with and has added many great products since then.

“Selleck Architectural Sales is special because of our personal touch. I try to make everyone’s job easier. I am a local source for many distributors. Even if I don’t represent their product, I’m happy to help them find contacts or information,” Dian mentioned.

When Selleck Architectural Sales was first founded, there were very few female independent manufacturer’s representative agencies, and there is still a disparity in the sector of construction.

“It was a struggle to get some contractors to give me orders and to receive product lines from manufacturers. Women are capable of selling construction supplies too! Because of that, I have and continue to work harder to prove myself and strive to be the best.”

When speaking on her advice to other women who are looking to join the construction industry, Dian explained, “this isn’t an easy job. You have to be dedicated and get involved in your industry. Most importantly, don’t think that flirting is the way to get orders or to gain customer loyalty. It’s disrespectful to yourself and to the women who have paved the way for others in this industry.”

Dian Selleck Wilson believes that by giving women the opportunities to prove that they know what they’re doing and showing support through referrals, other members of the construction community can successfully encourage women to participate in the industry.

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