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Apply here to become a Construction Partner in the Construction Allies in Action initiative and contribute to generational change within the commercial construction industry.

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Who can become a Construction Partner?

Construction companies that are committed to furthering diversity and inclusion within the commercial construction industry through actionable items, transparency, and accountability. Construction Partners will help fund the hard costs associated with the Strong Foundations Program, which is free to Enrolled Contractors.

Become a Partner


  • Public statement on your company website that your company is supporting diversity within the workplace and vendor contracts.
  • Verify your company’s vendor documents are ensuring equity for all construction contractors.
  • Assist enrolled contractors in developing social capital and business development strategies.
  • Provide a list of underrepresented contractors that you have hired on your projects, which will be published in our December eNewsletter and available on our website in celebration of the impact your company is making in the construction industry.
  • Provide mentorship assistance to an enrolled contractor you are matched with to establish goal-oriented progress and growth.

    Making a Difference

    When you become a Partner in the Construction Allies in Action initiative, you are empowering an underrepresented construction company to take part in the Strong Foundations Program, giving them the knowledge and tools they need to grow and manage their company.

    Become a Partner Expectations

    Proceeds will be used to cover the hard costs of the Strong Foundations Program. 

    A Special Thanks to our Construction Partners

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