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Become a Construction Ally in Action and contribute to generational change within the commercial construction industry.

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Who can become a Construction Ally?

Corporate entities that regularly fund the building and renovation of construction projects. Generational change is not obtained through passivity, but action. Each Ally must be committed to furthering diversity and inclusion within the commercial construction industry through actionable items, transparency, and accountability. Construction Allies will financially support the free Strong Foundations Program, which provides access to practical knowledge courses for underrepresented contractors.

Ally Expectations Construction Allies in Action


  • Public statement on your company website that your company is supporting diversity within the workplace and vendor contracts.
  • Verify your company’s vendor documents are ensuring equity for all construction contractors.
  • Assist enrolled contractors in developing social capital and business development strategies.
  • Provide a list of underrepresented contractors that you have hired on your projects, which will be published in our December eNewsletter and available on our website in celebration of the impact your company is making in the construction industry.
  • Provide mentorship assistance to an enrolled contractor you are matched with to establish goal-oriented progress and growth.

Making a Difference

Your commitment to the Construction Allies in Action initiative enables a Minority Construction Company to take part in the free Strong Foundations Program, giving them the knowledge and tools they need to grow and manage their company.

Construction Allies in Action Make a Difference

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Value for Allies

CAIA Stars

Enhanced Listing

Enhanced Listing in both the Spring and Fall Issues of The Source magazine, with the Construction Allies in Action icon indicating you are part of the initiative.

CAIA Stars

Marketable Content

Article with coordinating social media posts on the Construction Allies in Action website and official social media pages featuring your company’s efforts to promote diversity and inclusion.

CAIA Stars

List Publishing

List of underrepresented contractors that you’ve hired on projects published in our December eNewsletter and on our website in celebration of the impact your company is making on the industry.

CAIA Stars

Event Seating

Reserved table for three guests from your company at the end of the year graduation & awards ceremony.

CAIA Stars

Award Recognition

Plaque with your company name to be presented to you at awards ceremony in recognition of your company’s efforts to further diversity and inclusion in the construction industry.

CAIA Stars

Brand Awareness

Your company logo featured on marketing materials, including the public web page, for the Construction Allies in Action initiative.