Courses & Outlines

This seven-month free virtual program will help underrepresented construction companies learn the practical knowledge they need to grow and sustain their businesses.

March 10, 2021

Course 1: Legal

Presented by Rhoades McKee PC

  • Form your business with the appropriate corporate entity
  • Set up your designation paperwork
  • Write construction contracts

April 7, 2021

Course 2: Financing

Presented by Lake Michigan Credit Union

  • Establishing banking accounts
  • Applying for commercial loans
  • Proper business insurance coverage, bonding, credit report repair

May 5, 2021

Course 3: Support

Presented by Beene Garter

  • Employment and unemployment paperwork
  • Finding an accountant
  • Managing back-office tasks

June 9, 2021

Course 4: Talent

Presented by BHS Insurance

  • Interviewing potential employees
  • Writing job descriptions and matching skills to positions
  • Cost containment

July 7, 2021

Course 5: Pivoting

Presented by Lisa Knight

  • Job site conscious and unconscious biases
  • Microaggressions, behaviors, and equity
  • Workplace best practices to encourage diversity

August 11, 2021

Course 6: Sustainability

Presented by Courtney Howe

  • SWOT Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Ideal Client, Mission & Vision
  • Utilizing CRM software and email marketing
  • Creating a website
  • Branding through social media
Roundtable Discussion Image

September 8, 2021

Final: Roundtable Discussion

Meet with Construction Allies and mentors to discuss how to keep building your business and remain sustainable in the commercial construction industry.