Talk is cheap.
Action is priceless.

The Construction Allies in Action initiative aims to help underrepresented contractors thrive in the construction industry. And we need your help.

Real change starts from the top.

Construction Allies in Action challenges construction industry leaders to be agents of generational change through actionable items, transparency, and accountability.

Support from Allies, Partners, and Sponsors helps the organization develop and manage programming for underrepresented contractors who need help to grow.

The Strong Foundations Program has been pivotal for me and my business. As a minority female, it has strategically placed me in a position to scale my business and put me in front of partners I may not have been connected with otherwise.


– Lisa Knight, Owner of DV Apple Logistics, Strong Foundations
Program Graduate

Resources like the Strong Foundations Program help project owners engage prospective bidders. The program can be an asset to those who are starting a new business or looking to grow in a sustainable way.


– Lake Michigan Credit Union, Construction Ally

The Strong Foundations Program has been of immense benefit to our company. The industry-specific courses and workshops helped us to define our role and requirements as a firm, and the mentorship program continues to be a source of profound support and wisdom.


– Ogden Wright, Owner of Xaymaca LLC, Strong Foundations
Program Graduate

We believe that the trajectory created by the Construction Allies in Action powering new vendor development and education is critical toward ensuring a deeper contractor pool is available to support the region’s growth. Like-minded organizations will find a win-win partnership that not only accomplishes this mission but helps deliver on the promise of creating a more equitable and prosperous future for the community at large.


– Gerald R. Ford International Airport, Construction Ally

CAIA Events

Meet & Greet

Mingle with Contractors

January 2025

Time TBD
Venue TBD

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Share Projects, Exchange Capabilities

June 26, 2024

4:00 – 6:00pm

Register or Become a Vendor

The Gala

Our Annual Celebration

October 29, 2024

Time TBD
Bissell Tree House

details coming soon!