Talk is cheap.

Action is priceless.


Construction Allies in Action aims to create generational change within the construction industry by preparing underrepresented contractors to bid jobs and sustain their businesses through the Strong Foundations Program.


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Real change starts from the top.

The Construction Allies in Action initiative challenges Allies to be the agent of generational change through actionable items, transparency, and accountability.

With the financial support of Allies, eligible construction companies will be enrolled for free in the Strong Foundations Program and equipped with the tools to strategically position themselves for growth and success.

Construction Allies in Action Michigan

Founded in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2020, the original Construction Allies in Action organization supports underrepresented construction companies through the Strong Foundations Program.

Construction Allies in Action North Carolina

Beginning in 2021, the North Carolina Chapter of Construction Allies in Action plans to offer the Strong Foundations Program to underrepresented contractors in the local area.

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Construction Allies in Action North Carolina
Construction Allies in Action Michigan
Construction Allies in Action North Carolina Chapter

Construction Ally & Partner Support

Your commitment as an Ally or Partner helps to create more equitable opportunities for underrepresented construction business owners.

Construction Allies consist of construction project owners and Construction Partners consist of construction companies.


Generational Change

The seven foundational courses of the Strong Foundations Program cover areas of business development and management that many new and struggling construction businesses need to continue growing and thriving. This program is FREE to enrolled contractors.


Resources like the Strong Foundations Program help project owners engage prospective bidders. The program can be an asset to those who are starting a new business or looking to grow in a sustainable way.


– Lake Michigan Credit Union, Construction Ally

We believe that the trajectory created by the Construction Allies in Action powering new vendor development and education is critical toward ensuring a deeper contractor pool is available to support the region’s growth. Like-minded organizations will find a win-win partnership that not only accomplishes this mission but helps deliver on the promise of creating a more equitable and prosperous future for the community at large.


– Gerald R. Ford International Airport, Construction Ally

2021 Construction Allies and Partners

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Lake Michigan Credit Union

Lake Michigan Credit Union

Lake Michigan Credit Union (LMCU) is looking forward to supporting the Strong Foundations Program. As a Construction Ally, LMCU will engage with Enrolled Contractors. LMCU hopes to help generate a strong and supportive community by supporting the initiative; one that...

Nexus Technology Services

Nexus Technology Services

Greg May became the sole owner of Nexus Technology services in 2017, after two years with a previous partner. While working as an electrician, Greg started to become more familiar with controls, low voltage, and infrastructure, which led him to see where the industry...

Terri Palmer Burton

Terri Palmer Burton

Terri Palmer Burton, having a lifelong love of horses, earned her first dollar as a horseback riding instructor. After spending five years in hospitality, she joined Palmer Moving Services and founded Palmer Logistics Services in 2008. Commercial relocation and...