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Join the Construction Allies in Action Affiliate HUB and gain access to exclusive discounts and services vital to new and growing businesses.

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Gain access to resources for your business at a fraction of the cost with an Affiliate HUB membership!

We’ve partnered with designated providers to help your company with estimating, legal documentation, training, accounting, back-office help, labor, website design and marketing, and business-building mentorship.

How can the HUB grow your construction company?

The Construction Allies in Action Affiliate HUB provides discounts and services to members through annual membership based on your estimated income. By joining the HUB, you’ll receive a 25%-50% discount on business-building services such as:

  • Estimating services, both on a per-project basis as well as training to read blueprints and take estimates yourself.
  • Marketing services, like logo creation, business card and capabilities statement design, website development, and domain-based emails.
  • Safety services to provide written safety manuals,  lead and asbestos awareness classes, CPR certification, and customized job-site safety plans.
  • Virtual administrative assistant services that help your company stay on top of calendar appointments and meetings, emails, travel expenses, and other organizational tasks.
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Join the Affiliate HUB

The Construction Allies in Action Affiliate HUB is a network of DBE / WBE / MBE / MLBE / Section 3 construction companies who are looking to grow and sustain their businesses through professional service discounts and access to labor and equipment to perform work.

As an Affiliate HUB Member of the Construction Allies in Action organization, you’ll gain access to exclusive benefits and discounts not offered elsewhere.

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The services you provide, the discounts you're able to offer, and pricing information.
Hourly Services will be purchasable in 1-Hour increments of time. Set-Price Services will be listed with a single cost. If you have services that do not fit this model, please contact us to see how we can help fit your services into the HUB!

Additional Information & Terms

Please provide a brief description of any discounts you're able to offer to HUB members. This could include free consultations with members of your staff, free products or subscriptions, or any other discounts you'd like to offer!
As a vendor in the Affiliate HUB, I agree to provide metrics and information to Construction Allies in Action regarding HUB members who have used my services and the capacity in which HUB members have used my services. I understand that by agreeing to these Terms & Conditions, I will need to provide periodical progress reports and updates to Construction Allies in Action when asked for statistical and research purposes.

I understand that being a vendor in the Affiliate HUB is a privilege and my association with Construction Allies in Action is on an as-needed basis and will be determined by Construction Allies in Action. Once submitted, this form does not guaranty my involvement in the Affiliate HUB and will require review by the Construction Allies in Action Board of Directors. The Affiliate HUB and Construction Allies in Action are not responsible or liable for the success or failure of any service I provide to Affiliate HUB members.

Construction Allies in Action's purpose with the Affiliate HUB is to provide services to underrepresented contractors. Any contract entered into between the HUB member and HUB vendor is between those parties and does not involve Construction Allies in Action.

Submit the form to submit your services to be accessed at a discount by HUB Members!

All vendor services are purchased through our website, and vendors are paid by Construction Allies in Action. Please ensure that the services listed in the form have set prices for easy importing!

Current vendors include:

123 Estimating Services by Mike