Lake Michigan Credit Union

May 18, 2021 | Change Advocates

Lake Michigan Credit Union (LMCU) is looking forward to supporting the Strong Foundations Program. As a Construction Ally, LMCU will engage with Enrolled Contractors. LMCU hopes to help generate a strong and supportive community by supporting the initiative; one that encourages the sharing of ideas and seeks continuous improvement.

The culture at Lake Michigan Credit Union has been a key driver of the company’s success. LMCU hopes this partnership will continue its impact on diversity in its employees’, members’, and partners’ lives.

We are fortunate to have a staff and a set of members with diverse backgrounds and experiences. We value diversity and recognize the benefits of maintaining a culture of inclusion.

As an Ally, LMCU will be engaging underrepresented business owners through continuous outreach. As a construction project owner, this is vital to the success of a new construction business. Lake Michigan Credit Union is teaching the second program course on financing. Topics of discussion include setting up a business plan, bonding, and commercial insurance. These items have been challenging roadblocks for many underrepresented contractors. LMCU aims to help them navigate the world of business financing and commercial insurance. By giving contractors the knowledge and tools they need, project owners will have a larger pool of prospective bidders.

Resources like the Strong Foundations Program help project owners engage prospective bidders. The program can be an asset to those who are starting a new business or looking to grow in a sustainable way.

Providing discussion, support, and education is valuable for new construction business owners. By giving them the tools they need to thrive, the Strong Foundations Program is looking to make a generational impact on the industry. With the help of Allies like Lake Michigan Credit Union, Construction Allies in Action is that much closer to meeting this goal.