R&R Mechanical Services

Jan 14, 2021 | Contractor Stories

Ruben Ramos joined his brother as a partner at R&R Mechanical Services in 2010, two years after his brother, who had been in the industry since his high school years, founded the company.

The first large-scale project R&R Mechanical Services completed was the remodel of the GRCC College Park Plaza building – a full remodel of a 7-story building. R&R learned many tough lessons on that project because they did not make any money. It taught them valuable lessons about their lack of efficiency, lack of systems, and how to establish and adhere to work sequences. Ruben was given a valuable lesson about estimating.

Many years later, R&R Mechanical Services recently completed 501 Eastern, a project that consisted of two 4-story mixed-use buildings, which has been one of the most profitable projects they’ve completed to date. By creating a game plan for the project and manning it adequately at an early stage, the R&R team completed it efficiently and within their estimated man-hours, and also kept waste materials to a bare minimum.

We do business the same way we live our personal life. We practice integrity in doing the right thing always, including when nobody is watching. We are loyal, respectful, and committed to our clients and our team.

While R&R Mechanical Services still finds it challenging to find sufficient qualified talent to support the growth of their businesses, they have been successful at building their own talent. By utilizing Electricians, Insulators, Dust Fabricators, and Plumbers to sub-contract their jobs, R&R has encouraged the growth and success of other minority construction companies as well.

Ruben Ramos has also spent his time volunteering in Chambers of Commerce, Madison Square Business Associate, Southtown Corridor Improvement Authority, Cultural Insight Group, and other initiatives that focus on helping local vendors, as well as disadvantaged contractors.

Many minority contractors, Ruben included, are looking to project owners to be the main driver in achieving a level playing field for all contractors.

They (owners) should establish internal spend goals and continuously measure the outcomes to assure they are meeting those goals. If owners commit to spending ‘x’ percentages on disadvantaged contractors and truly follow those expectations then the Construction Manager or General Contractor will follow that direction.

Ruben Ramos knows that owners will need to take on the risk that will entail but stay the course. He believes that if the owners drive the Construction Allies in Action initiative, then the CM/GC will be able to get more creative in reaching out and bringing on-board more disadvantaged contractors by utilizing non-conventional methods such as joint-check agreements, joint ventures, and more creativity in the break down of bid packages. By distinguishing itself from other initiatives that have failed, Ruben believes that the Construction Allies in Action initiative can be successful in helping many contractors begin their journey into commercial construction.

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